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Ski resort transfer from Zurich to Zurs

Zürs is one of the most famous winter resorts in Austria. Located in the north-western Austrian province of Vorarlberg, almost at the border with North Tirol. The distance between Zurich to Zürs is 125 km, which you can cover quickly and smoothly with our ski resort transfer service.

Zürs is part of the Arlberg region. The famous ski resort is popular thanks to its snowy conditions and off-track skiing opportunities. The extreme proximity to the Lech resort makes it a very attractive place for ski holidays. Both resorts are ideal and preferred places for a family ski vacation.

The first records and information about the town date back seven centuries. The resort is situated on the shores of the lake of the same name, at an altitude of over 1716 meters. It is renowned for its ski slopes, snowboard tracks, and ski lifts. Top-draw ski lifts and underground lifts connect Zürs with its neighboring resorts of St Anton, St Christoph, and Lech.

Guests of the resort, who have a preference for luxury and adventure, are also impressed by the beauty of the countryside and the exceptionally groomed slopes, as well as the luxurious and beautiful hotels and accommodations in Zürs. Many of the tourists, who have visited Zürs, come back again and again, identifying the place as their preferred destination. This is mainly due to the fact that it offers excellent conditions for skiing adventures, gorgeous snow cover, and plenty of opportunities for fun and comfort.

You can visit Zürs not only in winter because it’s a marvelous place all year round. Between September and October, you can indulge yourself in relaxing walks on the slopes, whilst being able to see a different kind of winter beauty in Zürs. A place that was truly taken out of the Swiss fairy tales.

Frequently asked questions about your ski resort transfer from Zurich to Zürs

Why you should choose a ski resort transfer from Zurich to Zürs?

When you arrive at Zurich Airport, the quickest and most convenient way to get around is via a ski resort transfer to your accommodation in Zürs. The beauty, the winter fairytale, and the incredibly groomed ski slopes will add to the pleasure of your trip.

What shouldn’t you miss out on when visiting Zürs?

Zürs is a cozy traditional alpine town with incredible history. Organize your vacation there and don’t miss out on including the town’s countless attractions in your plans. Immerse yourself in its rich culture and present-day beauty and you will surely want to return.

At which time of year is it best to visit Zürs?

As a typical winter resort, Zürs is at its most attractive during the winter time of the year. This is when the entire area is at its most majestic, the snow cover is at its peak and the slopes are best suited for downhill skiing. It is most appropriate to visit in the period from December to March or April. The period between March and September is also quite suitable for tourism.