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Ski resort transfer from Zurich to Klosters

Klosters is one of Switzerland’s superb skiing destinations. The town is the twin city of Davos, another popular destination in the country. Smaller and lower-lying, but beautiful and friendly, Klosters is a much more intimate town compared to Davos, yet has retained its nickname “Hollywood on the Rocks” to this day. The city was named this way because of the many movie stars who regularly visit the fabulous alpine resort.

The winter resort of Klosters consists of two parts. Klosters Dorf on the Sevre and Klosters Platz. The town is located 137 km away from Zurich, which will cost you about an hour and a half of time if you opt for an airport transfer from Zurich airport to Klosters. During this time you will have the opportunity to enjoy the chilling beauty of Switzerland.

Klosters also has two main ski areas. For hikers, the town offers quite a few challenging trails, whilst their unique location ensures a stable snow cover. The resort offers a high-quality ski school for beginners, as well as a riding center. An interesting detail is that the riding school owns ponies for young guests to ride, indicating that the place is suitable for holidays with children. Every year Klosters hosts international festivals, gala concerts, organized hikes, and treks on horses or mules in the nearby surroundings of Klosters.

The local eateries and restaurants also offer an opportunity for a rich culinary adventure. Some of the options for visitors include fine delights like Italian pizza and pasta, traditional cuisine, German sausages with good beer, and a wide selection of Swiss cheeses and sweet surprises. As you can see, Klosters is a great choice for a winter holiday and is in an accessible location, so don’t overlook it.

Frequently Asked Questions about your ski transfer from Zurich to Klosters

Why is the Zurich ski resort transfer the best way to get to Klosters?

The location of the city predisposes to a quick and convenient travel to Klosters. At Zurich Airport you will be met by a comfortable and luxurious airport shuttle to get you to your accommodation in Klosters. Nice, fast, and comfortable – just what you need in order to have time to explore and relax after your flight.

Which is the best time to visit Klosters?

As a remarkable alpine ski resort, Klosters is best visited in the winter time of the year. Around March is when visitors will find the right balance between snow cover and appropriate temperatures to have a wonderful and memorable holiday. If you have decided to enjoy the beauty of the city and just take a stroll then August-September would be your best bet. This period of the year is best suited for hiking.

What to see when we are in Klosters?

The two resorts of Klosters offer uniquely groomed ski slopes for winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to downhill skiing, the resort offers nicely lit trails and an amazing amusement park suitable for every member of the family. Klosters is ripe with entertainment events that will not let any of the guests and tourists get bored.