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Airport transfer from Zurich to Geneva

As you know, Geneva is one of the most iconic cities in Switzerland. There is a lot to see there. Although it is a bit far from Zurich – 277 km away, the place is worth a visit. If you take advantage of our airport transfer service, you can reach Geneva in about 3 hours. If you have decided on visiting Lausanne for any reason, you can also find your way to Geneva via this type of service. If you’re wondering what you will find here, don’t worry – there’s no shortage of beautiful places.

Geneva carries a cosmopolitan feel as a result of being the headquarters of a number of international corporations and associations, but also due to its proximity to France. The Red Cross was founded in Geneva in 1865, and from 1920 to 1946 the headquarters of the United Nations was situated there.

The old town of Geneva rises on a hill above the Rhône River, which flows from the lake, and its picturesque old streets shape the entire city in a marvelous way. On three sides, the old town is surrounded by various ancient buildings and wide streets that mark the borders of Geneva’s ancient fortifications. The business center of the city lies below the old town to the north, in the district of Saint-Gervais. Near the lake, where you’ll find many of Geneva’s tourist attractions, lie elegant avenues, parks, and gardens. Be sure to take a shorter or longer tour around the lake, and maybe even take a boat ride at sunset. It’s certainly an experience you won’t ever forget.

The undisputed icon of Geneva is the Je d’O Fountain. Located in Lake Geneva, near the city center, it shoots a stream of water up to a height of 140 meters, at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. At night, it attracts even more attention with its spectacular light effects.

Geneva is a great city that stands out both for its nature and its architectural perfection. There you will find many characteristic sights of a typical Swiss city. If you ever have the opportunity, don’t miss out on visiting Geneva – it’s always worth it!

When is the best time to visit Geneva?

Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Geneva and the surrounding area. Organize your trip there between April and September and you will be able to dive into the Geneva experience to the fullest. 

Why should you visit Geneva?

Geneva is a city of global importance which is known for its institutions and business focus, but also for its beautiful lake and overall picturesque scenery. There you can enjoy architecture, delicious food, and sophistication.

Why is an airport transfer from Zurich to Geneva a suitable option?

An airport transfer from Zurich to Geneva is the perfect option for people on a tight schedule since it can save you a lot of time when you are touring Switzerland. A perfect way to get around Geneva, whether you’re on your own or with family and friends.