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Ski resort transfer from Zurich to Pontresina

The town of Potresina is located in Switzerland, just 6km east of St Moritz – one of the best tourist bases and alpine centers in Europe. Potresina is also 210km away from Zurich International Airport, which will take you just under 3 hours to pass in the comfort of our fabulous limousines. This way you will be able to explore the country and admire the beauty of Switzerland.

Fragrant pine forests surround the resort town of Potresina. The town is situated on the highest side of the Upper Engadine valley. Potresina has been a famous ski resort since the years of the enterprising Clara Criss, who once began renting out rooms to mountaineers from her own chalet.

Legend has it that it was Clara Criss who started this tradition, which today brings Potresina the fame of an excellent tourist destination, where tourism is extremely well organized and is tailored to the high demands of visitors for a variety of ski disciplines – ski climbing, cross-country skiing, ski walking, and hiking. Thermal baths go well in combination with the pleasure of gazing at the high peaks of the eastern Alps.

Potresina combines the finely groomed downhill ski tracks with the mysterious forests in the surroundings. The rail transport system is located close to the town itself, which also makes it easy to get around the area. This region attracts the attention of tourists with its great ski slopes, outstanding ski lifts, and trails of increased difficulty for snowboarders, which is of great importance for experienced riders.

The historic part of Potresina preserves beautiful old houses with traditional regional architectural elements, as well as the Moorish tower and the clock tower of Saint Marina, which are decorated with great frescoes from the previous centuries. So take a walk and enjoy these sights.

Frequently asked questions about your ski resort transfer to Potresina

Why is the airport shuttle from Zurich to Potresina the most convenient transport?

The most convenient and fastest way to reach Pontresina is via a plane flight to Zurich. From Zurich airport, you will be met by a private airport shuttle. While traveling to your accommodation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the countryside around you. So by the time you get settled, you will have started your ski holiday.

Which is the best time for your trip to Potresina?

It is best to arrange your trip to Potresina in the winter season. The picturesque resort is extremely attractive during this time. This way you can practice all the wonderful winter sports and enjoy the snow cover in the area. In summer you can also visit Potresina. The hiking trails to the very peaks of the Eastern Alps are extremely well-maintained and safe.

What should I see in Potresina?

Potresina is an extremely rich resort in terms of entertainment and beauty resort. It is located in a sunny and wind-sheltered valley at the head of the Bernina Range. A romantic atmosphere and many secrets are hidden in the forest around. From the snow-capped peaks, you can enjoy the Val Roseg Valley. There you will find an exceptionally large selection of offers for entertainment and beautiful adventures.