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Business transfer from Zurich to Zug

Zug is one of the most interesting and different resorts in Switzerland. The town of Zug is the capital of the canton of the same name and is located in central Switzerland. It stands out for its diversity, dynamism, luxury, and comfort – all in one place. Zug is only 30 km away from Zurich and getting there will take you very little time. In under an hour, you can transfer from the business city of Zurich to Zug, thanks to our business transfer service.

Zug is one of the well-established international business hubs, which attracts investors to develop their business there. Its proximity to Zurich is also a very helpful detail. The place has become a key location for international financial policy, aiding the development of some very significant business conglomerates. Nevertheless, there is much more to do and see there.

Zug is a city with many attractions, but one of the highlights is certainly the old town. By simply walking around you are bound to come across the Clock Tower, which was once the entrance to the city. Another interesting landmark is the Tower of Dust. It once served as a smoke storage silo. We are talking about a city with history and that is what makes Zug so unique and must-see.

The town hall is one of the iconic buildings of Zug. Built-in the Gothic architectural style, the monument stands out for its artfully crafted carvings. By all accounts, you won’t be bored in Zug, whatever the purpose of your visit is.

There is plenty to see around town, and its beauty is unique and truly typical of this region of Switzerland. Anyone can find something entertaining. Connoisseurs of wonderful works of art and lovers of fine aesthetics can immerse themselves in the mecca of these beauties and truly get a grasp of this unforgettable atmosphere.

Diverse events and gatherings are also something typical for Zug. Every year numerous festivals and carnivals are held in the city, attracting people from different corners of the globe. The events usually start at the beginning of January and last until March. During these festivals, the locals dress very attractively and the sight is undoubtedly thrilling.


Frequently Asked Questions about your business transfer from Zurich to Zug

When is the best time to visit Zug?

Every season is suitable for visiting Zug. The summer is extremely appropriate for long walks. You can always take a day off whilst in Zurich and go there.

Why we should visit Zug?

Zug is located in close proximity to Zurich and therefore paying a visit comes close to mind when you are in the area for business reasons. Your trip will be complemented with great variety and charm.

Why opt for the business transfer service from Zurich to Zug?

The city of Zug is most conveniently and quickly reached by plane to Zurich International Airport. From there, you will be able to hire an airport transfer to Zug and reach your hotel in no time, so you should try this option out.