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Business transfer from Zurich to Lausanne

Lausanne is one of two cities in Switzerland, located on Lake Geneva. It is the main administrative center of the canton of Vaud. The city is definitely worth it. Lausanne is located 230 km away from Zurich, which will take you approximately two and a half hours to pass in the comfort of your business airport transfer from Zurich International Airport.

Lausanne is one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland, which is located in the so-called French-speaking part of Switzerland. The city is exceptional because of its history and location and therefore attracts many tourists but also serious business investments. The old town of Lausanne dates back to the Middle Ages and became part of the country as early as 1803 when it joined the Swiss Confederation. Further forward in time, its economic importance grew and the visit of citizens from all over Europe increased because of the key events and conferences that were often organized.

Nonetheless, Lausanne is far from just a business center. There are many breathtaking things to see there. Art lovers can immerse themselves in the incredible collections that are found in the Museum of Fine Arts. This goes to show that even if you are visiting the city primarily for business reasons, there is plenty to do during your free time as well. Take a walk and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in the area as well.

Lausanne is also famous for its restaurants, which you should try out during your visit. For lovers of culinary masterpieces, experts recommend the restaurant Hotel de Ville. This and many other places will reveal the true charm of Lausanne.

Part of Lausanne’s charm lies in its magnificent views of beautiful Lake Geneva, its history, architecture, and opportunities for work and relaxation. Undoubtedly, once you’ve witnessed Lausanne first-hand, the city will remain in your heart forever. The emotions and experiences are sure to bring you back again and again. With so many fascinating historical sites, museums, and buildings Lausanne remains a top destination in Switzerland. So if you have the chance, don’t miss to stop by and enjoy its atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions about your business transfer from Zurich to Lausanne

When is the best time to visit Lausanne?

Whether you are in Lausanne for business or pleasure, there is always something to see. Spring is a particularly good season to visit Lausanne, but you can explore the city at absolutely any time of the year.

Is Lausanne worth it as a destination?

Lausanne is known for its beauty, so you can enjoy the sights in the city even if you are there for a work commitment. The beautiful Lake Geneva is sure to captivate you and make you want to stay there longer. This is only one of several places to see in Lausanne.

Why use the business transfer services from Zurich to Lausanne?

The closest airports to Lausanne are Geneva International Airport and Zurich Airport. Upon arriving with your flight, you can use the airport transfer service to Lausanne to get to your destination comfortably and pleasantly. This also makes it such a good choice for your transportation during your stay in Switzerland.