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Business transfer from Zurich to Bern

The first time tourists see Bern, they are stunned by the beauty of this European capital. Bern is built on sandstone, surrounded on three sides by the river Aar, which runs through a valley. The size of the country also allows for very good mobility. Bern is only 122 km. away from Zurich International Airport, which should be taken in about 1 hour and 29 minutes via business transfer. The Swiss capital is often visited for business conferences and meetings, given that many of the institutions are located there. Nevertheless, other parts are stationed in Zurich, so the airport business transfer is a good option for even better mobility.

Definitely, Bern is also a great city for sightseeing, so why not combine work with some leisure activities?

What to see in Bern

Bern is great for all kinds of sightseeing, although it’s much more commonly visited due to the presence of a number of important institutions, such as banks, courts, and universities. At the same time, however, the houses and shops, with their stunning architecture, showcase what Bern was like back in the 17th and 18th centuries. That vintage feeling can be fully recognized when going through the old town. It is this type of majestic beauty that has led to its worldwide recognition and inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bern also boasts a wide variety of opportunities for cultural entertainment and enrichment. The numerous museums and theatres that the Swiss capital has to offer to cover a wide range of historic events, and visitors can enjoy one-of-a-kind sights even while strolling through the city streets.

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine. The country’s emblem, chocolate, can also be found in various forms in Bern. Traditional Swiss cuisine is not only very varied but also influenced by the many surrounding countries – Italy, Germany, and Austria. In the past, shepherds in the Alpine pastures carried along products that could last a long time without going bad, preparing different dishes with them. This gave popularity to one of the most well-known dishes in the German part of Switzerland, which is still prepared today according to an old, traditional recipe – the shepherd’s pasta dish.

Take the time to explore the local restaurants and chocolate shops and learn more about the country’s chocolate traditions.

During which time of the year should I visit Bern?

We recommend that you visit Bern in the spring-summer season since this is when the weather is best for walking, given the climate of the area. The months between April and September are ideal for a trip to Bern.

Why is visiting Bern a good idea?

Bern is a city of great importance for both Switzerland and Europe. It is a destination that often features in the plans of many international companies. At the same time, you can enjoy delicious cuisine, beautiful architecture, and many options for entertainment and relaxation there.

Why is a business transfer from Zurich to Bern so convenient?

An airport transfer from Zurich to Bern will give you the opportunity to use your time to the fullest and reach this stunning city in no time. A perfect way to get around, regardless of whether you’re on your own or in a group.