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Business transfer from Zurich to Basel

Basel is a town nestled near the point where the borders of Switzerland, France, and Germany meet. It is the third largest city in Switzerland after Zurich and Geneva. The distance that separates Zurich and Basel is 87.4 km, which will take you approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes to get across with a business airport transfer.

Basel is divided into two parts by the river Rhine. The city is famous for its museums – as many as 40 in number. The world’s first “Cat Museum” is also located there. One-and-a-half-meter-high statues of cats greet visitors and you certainly can’t help but notice the building as you walk through the streets. The museum’s collection of cats amounts to over 10,000 exhibits, so it’s a true paradise for all lovers of these fluffy animals.

Why you should visit Basel?

Even though Basel is often visited for business reasons, the city offers versatile options for cultural entertainment, so you can easily combine the useful with the pleasant. Basel can offer beautiful buildings that captivate all visitors. Many of them are the work of popular architects. Some of the notable names to note are Renzo Piano, Frank O. Geri, and Mario Botta. So take your time to explore the city on foot and enjoy the buildings and the many bridges that span through the Rhine river. The north and south banks are connected by the oldest footbridge over the Rhine – the “Mittlere Brücke”.

Basel is a city that has been distinguished by its multifaceted culture for centuries. There you can visit some of Switzerland’s most influential universities since the city has been a center of education in recent years. Basel is one of the most eye-catching cities in Switzerland and impresses immensely in every aspect. The combination of business opportunities and tourist activities makes it a must-see destination when you are in Switzerland. That’s why we recommend you take advantage of our business airport transfer and take a few days to explore the northwest part of the country.

When is best to visit Basel?

The summer and early autumn are the best times to visit Basel. Organize your trip there between May and October and you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Basel to the fullest.

Why should you visit Basel?

Basel is one of the breathtaking places in Switzerland that will impress you at first sight. There you can enjoy a cultural experience and get to know the country in the most wholesome way. The accessibility and the city’s key location are additional reasons to include Basel in your list of destinations.

Why choose Airport transfer from Zurich to Basel?

An airport transfer from Zurich to Basel presents you with the chance to reach the city quickly and effortlessly. This option guarantees you safety and comfort regardless of whether you’re visiting on your own or in a group.