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Airport transfer from Zurich to St. Gallen

St. Gallen is a resort town in northwestern Switzerland. It is the main administrative center of the canton of St. Gallen. It is also one of the most important religious and cultural centers of medieval Europe. The town is located only 86 km. away from Zurich, which means that it will take you just over an hour to get from the airport to St. Gallen on your airport transfer from Zurich.

Even though St. Gallen is the economic and cultural center of Eastern Switzerland, the city is small, both in size and population. A cozy center of initiation and culture, as well as the headquarters of some of Switzerland’s largest banks, St. Gallen is filled with history and exquisite architecture that is best seen in the Old Town.

In the Old Town of St. Gallen, you can visit various architectural, historical, and religious sites, such as the Baroque Stiftskirche and Benedict Abbey, as well as other churches and administrative buildings.

St. Gallen is an extremely interesting and picturesque city. There you can enjoy history and culture, which have been preserved through the centuries. The library of the Abbey is the greatest attraction of the monastery and is unique for its rich collection. It is called “the writing room of Europe” – the main medieval cultural center.

Other interesting sites in St. Gallen include the Orthodox Church of St. Constantine and St. Helena, as well as the University and the City Bath, which is the oldest in the country. As a key hub of the textile industry, which has developed there for many years, St. Gallen is famous for its high-quality embroidery and lace production. The town has a special museum in which many artifacts are presented – a must-visit place for the more curious ones.

Another unique place in St. Gallen is the world’s largest outdoor living room. Located in the district of Bleichen, this place is an open space in which a red carpet spreads over streets, benches, sofas, and everything you need for the exterior of a living room. Multimedia artist Pipilota Rist came up with the idea for this type of living room.

As you can see, there is no shortage of fascinating places in St. Gallen, so don’t hesitate to visit the town if you are in Zurich.

Frequently asked questions for your airport transfer from Zurich to St. Gallen

Why choose an airport transfer from Zurich to St. Gallen?

Given the location of St. Gallen, there are several options to get around. The best way is by opting to travel to Zurich by plane and from there to St. Gallen via airport transfer for convenience and comfort.

Which time of year is best to visit St. Gallen?

The right time for your holiday in St. Gallen is all year round. The season and the weather conditions won’t get in the way of your dream holiday. Immerse yourself in the beauty and the power of the past that will captivate you in this wonderful city. You can safely make your own arrangements at any time. You have at your disposal history and culture that will enrich your senses.

Why should you visit St. Gallen?

St. Gallen is the economic and cultural hub of Eastern Switzerland. The sights the city has to offer its visitors are marvelous and impressive. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the Benedikt Abbey and the Stiftskirche, as well as the other places of interest in the area.