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Airport transfer from Zurich to Bürgenstock

A dazzling winter resort town called Bürgenstock awaits you in the very heart of Switzerland. Located at 850 meters above sea level, the town is famous for its picturesque views. At the foot of Bürgenstock is the forest of the same name as the town and from the town itself you can see the shores of Lake Lucerne. It is only 69 km away from Zurich, which means that you can be there in no time at all by using our airport transfer service.

Bürgenstock gained its popularity thanks to the Hammettstachtwacht cable car. The famous lift was built and put into operation by the Stindler company. The lift is used to take tourists up to a height of about 152 meters in just 2 minutes. It is considered to be one of the first facilities with similar parameters and realized operational characteristics and was one of the first ski lifts in Europe.

On the very ridge of the summit lies a great restaurant where you can taste some of the Swiss cuisine masterpieces and enjoy the beauty of the natural sights and the lake, located at the foot of the mountain. In close proximity to Bürgenstock is another large and famous resort in Switzerland – the city of Lucerne.

Bürgenstock offers its guests great experiences – both traditional winter sports and skiing, as well as the opportunity to witness first-hand big stars from the cinema and show business world. Frequent guests of the resort include Sophia Loren, Marcel Morsa, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Sean Connery, and others.

The hiking trails are also quite well-mapped and marked. The incredible golf courses, on the other hand, are winning over golf lovers. The hosts have made sure that visitors don’t miss a beat. Great boat rides are organized on the lake, which is in its own right an attraction and fun, especially in the dark part of the day. This way you can give yourself a truly romantic experience. Peace and harmony reign in these parts of central Switzerland – exactly what you need for the perfect holiday.


Frequently asked questions about your airport transfer to Bürgenstock

Why is the airport shuttle the best way to get to Bürgenstock?

The city of Bürgenstock is located in the central part of Switzerland. Upon arriving at Zurich Airport, you will be met by a special airport shuttle, receiving from then on a convenient and drive to your accommodation. This will allow you to enjoy the beautiful sights along the way and arrive rested and recharged.

What shouldn’t you miss out on when visiting Bürgenstock?

Bürgenstock is a tremendous and desirable destination. The high peaks, the beauty, the follicular railway, and the sights attract many tourists. The most popular holiday activities in Bürgenstock are cycling tours on specially constructed cycle tracks, which are extremely well maintained and safe so that anyone can find something to do.

When is the best time to visit Bürgenstock?

The most beautiful time of the year are the seasons of spring and summer. Then you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, accomplish some memorable walks, and breathe in the healing fresh air. The air in the city is popular for its balneotherapeutic abilities. It is suitable for healing and relaxation.