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Airport transfer from Zurich to Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz is a town in Switzerland, located at the foot of the Alps in the Rhine Valley. The town has a long history as a ski resort. Today Bad Ragaz is a famous spa center with luxury hotels, spas, and outstanding golf courses. The remarkable Bad Ragaz is 350 km away from Zurich, which will take you about 4 hours of travel time in our luxury limousines. Don’t worry, however – you won’t notice how quickly the time will pass, whilst you enjoy the great surroundings.

One of the most famous things the area is renowned for is its healing waters. The healing water in the area springs from the interior of the mountain and flows through the deep Tamina Gorge. It all started back in 1240 when two hunters discovered a hot spring.

Centuries ago, Bad Ragaz was visited because of its supposed connection to the Benedictines. Several pilgrims headed there, the aim being to bathe in the thermal waters. Later, the monks built the Altes Bad Pfafeirs there and the town has been famous for them ever since.

Years later, in 1840, a clever Swiss man installed a system of pipes and pumps in the steep woodland, which took the water 4-5 km from the spring and thus reached the town of Bad Ragas. This makes the town the first Swiss thermal resort. Be sure to take time out of your day to hike to the Old Baths to Bad Ragaz – the gorge of Tamina.

The route leads through the high cliffs and the romantic murmur of the river, the majesty of the cliffs, and the beautiful valleys. Stunning and fabulous scenery. The road meanders, along with the river and the cliffs soar all the way up.

You can have a great picnic in nature and enjoy the mountain fresh air. In Bad Ragaz the beauty is indescribable and the extremely useful thermal springs make it a wonderful destination.

Frequently asked questions about your airport transfer from Zurich to Bad Ragaz

Why is it best to use an airport transfer to Bad Ragaz?

The most convenient and easy way to travel to the beautiful spa health resort of Bad Ragaz is via plane to Zurich. Arriving at Zurich Airport, you will be greeted by a comfortable and warm airport shuttle that will gladly take you to your place of rest and relaxation in Bad Ragaz.

What is a must-see in Bad Ragaz?

As a renowned and popular spa resort, Bad Ragaz has been a preferred place for treatment or relaxation for years. The thermal healing springs have attracted tourists to the town for centuries. The central square of Bad Ragaz grabs you from the moment you enter the town. The center has a variety of picturesque small hotels, neat shops, and cafes ready to welcome its visitors.

Which is the best time to visit Bad Ragaz?

Every season is suitable for visiting the beautiful resort of Bad Ragaz, but spring and summer are extremely suitable for your healing vacation. The extraordinary beauty of the sunlit town is incredibly energizing. In the daylight, you will be able to walk in the surrounding valleys and mountain ranges. And then you will enjoy the treatments at the spa resorts.