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Airport transfer from Zurich to Lugano

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Lugano. This town, located on one of Europe’s most popular lakes, is another must-see destination when coming to Switzerland. Lugano is located just over 200 km away from Zurich and you can get there in 2 and a half hours if you choose an airport transfer from Zurich to Lugano. There are multiple reasons why you should undertake this venture, but let’s take a look at a few of them.

Lugano is a charming resort town, located in southeastern Switzerland, just a few miles away from the Italian border. This makes it an extremely attractive destination – both for tourists and for some of showbiz’s biggest celebrities, as its beauty captivates instantly. Of all the things to see in Lugano, the lake of the same name is among the most notable attractions, and for good reason. At nearly 50 square kilometers in size, it ranks among the largest lakes in Europe, along with Italy’s Como and Maggiore. In fact, 37% of the lake is located in Italy and 63% in Switzerland, which attracts visitors from nearby as well.

If you’re wondering what can you witness from Lugano in a day, don’t miss out on the lake. The walk will recharge your batteries, and at the designated resting places you can take pictures and admire the tranquility and the majestic views. The city center is also very picturesque, with plenty of shops and beautiful places available in order to grace the atmosphere.

The funicular railway connects the central part with the upper town, where the train station is situated at. In Lugano, you can also enjoy a shopping afternoon or just wander around the area. Mont Brè is another place in Lugano that deserves a visit. At 925 meters in height, it is one of the sunniest places in Switzerland. You can get there by cable car or by car. We are here to help you with this.

Take the time to visit some of the restaurants and cafés in Lugano, since they are definitely worth the attention. The experience is also never fully complete if you don’t get to know the local life and culture up close.

When is the best time to visit Lugano?

Summer and early autumn are the best seasons for a visit to Lugano. Organize your trip there between June and October and you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Lugano to the fullest.

Why should you visit Lugano?

Lugano is a beautiful city that is influenced by both Swiss and Italian culture, making it a great destination for tourists. You can certainly enjoy the sensational views there and have more than a good time.

Why is an airport transfer from Zurich to Lugano the right option?

An airport transfer from Zurich to Lugano will give you the freedom to have a pleasing time and reach this wonderful city as quickly and undisturbed as possible. A perfect way to get around Zurich, whether you’re on your own or with your family.